Protect Your Basement in the Event of an Emergency

Install egress windows in Park Ridge, IL

Egress windows keep your basement safe from fire and floods. These easy-to-open windows serve as emergency exits for low spaces like basements and ground-floor rooms. Newly constructed businesses need to have them to stay compliant with the Park Ridge, IL codes. Call 847-825-7547 to speak with an Albar Products contractor today about installing egress windows in your home.

3 facts about egress windows

Are you ready to install egress windows at your property? Here are three things to know about this style:
• Egress windows are large enough for entry or exit in the event of an emergency.
• According to building code requirements, egress windows must have an opening height of at least 24 inches and an opening width of at least 20 inches.
• You can install egress windows with all types of interesting designs, including stained glass and other colorful styles.
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